Welcome to Shinobi Speaks!


Howdy folks. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably arrived here due to my presence either through social media platforms like Twitter or gaming forums like NeoGAF. Welcome! Shinobi Speaks is a personal endeavor that I’ve been cooking up for some time.

Over the last several years, and moreover the last twenty years, I’ve come to the realization that yes, video games and everything surrounding them are my ultimate passion. I have many other interests that cover a whole spectrum of things, but video games touch my heart and challenge my mind in ways nothing else can. I’ve been playing games since the day I could properly hold a controller or handheld console. That’s an original Gameboy and NES for all you whippersnappers.

Everything from the way video games are developed, themes and social lessons they encompass, to the awesome men and women who dedicate their blood, sweat and tears to crafting them fascinates me.

That’s why I’ve decided to create this sort of “personal blog” style website that I’ll try to add content to and update at least once a week. You will find no hostility here. No console war shenanigans, no hyperbole, no mockery or petty “hot take” reactions to topics on the industry. I’m not one to encourage and stroke the bandwagon effect of hatred and enmity that is so prevalent online and elsewhere towards games, studios, and developers themselves. We’re adults. Rather, Shinobi Speaks will (hopefully) be a place of appreciation, insight, and constructive discussion surrounding video games.

I personally feel video games are a luxury and having the opportunity to experience these pieces of craftsmanship and works of art is a thing of beauty to me. I want to share my thoughts on what makes games fun, how I feel about narrative and storytelling, various issues that pop up in the industry, and perhaps even include a review every now and then!

Lastly, I also plan on speaking to and interviewing game developers, journalists and others to get insight and knowledge into game development and learn their personal stories and journeys into the world of video games. I have a lot of things planned, so I sincerely hope you’ll stick with me and enjoy it as much as I do. Let’s have fun!

Nate N.



10 thoughts on “Welcome to Shinobi Speaks!

  1. Hi there, Shinobi. I’ll be going by Quinton around these parts, but we’ve chatted very sporadically on NeoGAF. I’m JeffZero there. This seems like a pretty neat idea. I’ll bookmark the page and look forward to updates. I rather doubt it, but should you ever have need of guest writers or regular contributors, let me know. I have some published work in the games industry (very, very small-scale stuff right now) and I’d be happy to keep that going.


  2. Nice looking page Shinobi. Best of luck in this endeavor. I will bookmark and follow page. I loved your level headed comments on GAF. Miss reading your stuff there btw.


  3. I’d say that there is definitely a need for insights in the gaming community that simply don’t amount to bowing down in service of the most vitriolic vocal minority, but the comments you’ve already had to delete have probably made that point well enough.

    I wish the best for you and your site. Especially since I know the filth of the internet will find its way here as soon as you express an opinion they can’t tolerate anyone having.


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