Update #1: Future Content Plans


So here it is, the first official update.

As I said yesterday, I’m a husband, parent and full time employee combined into one! Haven’t heard that before right? Well, I’m excited about putting up content and perspectives that matter to me (and hopefully you all!). However, due to how busy I usually am, my plan is to try and post something at least once a week depending on my workload.

With that said, I have some things planned. I’m still going back and forth on what to put up first, but for right now I’m in the process of conjuring up:


  • The Powerful Presence of Indie Games
  • Uncharted: What Makes a Franchise Special?
  • Great Heroines & Female Characters
  • The Witcher III: An RPG Masterpiece Introspective
  • The Original Xbox: A Gold Mine of Memorable Games
  • My Top 10 Games of All Time
  • …and more to come.

These will be done in the form of  written articles or analyses. While they’ll certainly contain factual information, they’ll also mostly be done through my viewpoints or opinions.

Game Developer Insights

Interviews and discussions with:

  • Tal Peleg: Cinematics Lead at BioWare (formerly Naughty Dog)
  • Steven Oliveira: QA & Content Analyst of Respawn & EA acclaim
  • Andrea Pessino: Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder of Ready at Dawn
  • Jaqub Ajmal: QA Manager at DICE
  • Paul Rustchynsky: Game Director at Codemasters
  • Cameron Thomas: Community Manager at Rare
  • …and of course, more to come as well.

It’ll be difficult to conduct podcasts and video discussions due to time constraints, so these will also be done in written format. I’ll transcribe my chats with these lovely people and post them on the site. We’ll talk about a variety of things including their personal journeys & history into game development, favorite games, a 101 on what their work entails, and more.


These will be the toughest to get done as games take time to complete. It then requires even more time to jot down quality thoughts on each! With that mind, I’m thinking of starting off small with something like What Remains of Edith Finch and Little Nightmares.

These are just some of the things that are currently in the planning stages or being worked on. Again, please bare with me given my full schedule. If you have any suggestions or ideas of things you’d like to see, please feel free to drop me a line on the contact page or my official Twitter account: @shinobi602.


5 thoughts on “Update #1: Future Content Plans

  1. Let me guess: The Witcher 3 analysis will conveniently overlook all of the quests where the people you try to help die for reasons you couldn’t have possibly predicted, just because you tried to help them.

    And all of the fetch quests.

    And the overabundance of “just go here and kill X” quests.

    And the vast stretches of world with no story content whatsoever, populated by the occasional bandit who happens to be as fast and strong (if not stronger) than your player character who is supposedly superhuman.


    • The Witcher 3 has its flaws, obviously, the combat in particular isn’t great. No one’s saying that it’s a 100% perfect game. The argument, however, is that the game’s flaws and issues don’t detract from the fact that it’s one of the greatest WRPGs ever made.

      The side quests are some of the best of any game in history. Even seemingly inconsequential ones are packed with character and narrative justification. So it would be a bit odd to criticize them when there’s not a single game that’s ever done them better.


      • You’re talking about a game where 50% of sidequests are “There’s a monster! Kill it. Okay, here’s your reward. Go away.”

        Plenty of other games have done what Witcher 3 has. Other games simply don’t have a horde of fanboys who pretend Witcher 3 is perfect and every other game is garbage, in spite of the tedious combat, the half-assed writing, and the mountain of glitches and bugs.

        But hey, if there isn’t a bunch of trolls devoted to wishing death upon the creators and fans, it must be the greatest game ever. Or maybe Witcher 3 just happens to appeal to the type of person who wishes death upon the creators of anything that isn’t exactly what they want.


  2. It’d be cool to hear about your top ten favorite games first. Just to kind of provide a background on your gaming preferences and history.


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