Hey everyone! This is a new endeavor for me. Below you’ll find a lot of information about what I hope to accomplish with Shinobi Speaks and an overview of the content I hope to bring to you. I hope you stick with me on this journey and have as great a time as I do!

Game Developer Insights


In Game Dev Insights, I’ll be chatting with a large variety of professionals from folks working on game design to game journalism. This includes animators, managers, designers, artists, journalists and everything in between!

I’ll be digging into their brains on what they love about games, what goes into making games, their personal journeys and history into the industry and much more.


There’s so many things happening in the games industry on any given day that keeping up with it all is a monumental task. This won’t be a “gaming news” section or area where you’ll find the latest on every big controversy or event going on in the world of video games.

If I had a dime for every time someone on Twitter or elsewhere asked me “Shinobi, what do you think about x, y, and z?”, I’d be a rich man indeed. To be frank though, I’m incredibly humbled each and every time I’m asked what I think about a certain game or news story within the industry. Thoughts is the place for that and where most of the content will go into.

I’ll be jotting down my “thoughts” and feelings on a wide range of gaming goings-on here. Topics will include anything from game design to storytelling, narrative, opinions on retro games, issues with game publishers, social ideas in games, representation, industry trends, and much more.

About Me


And finally, hello there. Nate here (or shinobi602 in the online-verse).

I’m a Communications Manager working in the games industry and mostly just your average joe who loves video games. I’m a native of the wackiest state in the US of A, Florida, I have a wife and kids and when I’m not spending time with them, I’m playing, learning and talking about games. Video games are an experience to me. When I turn on a system and boot a game up, I sit back and just “experience” whatever the game’s creator intended for me. I go in with little to no expectations and no points of comparison. This has shaped the way I view games and not to sound too corny, life in general.

I’m a strong, strong believer that each video game has its own merits by which it stands on. One game can provide a thrilling, cinematic AAA roller coaster ride while another could be an interactive novel and yet another could be a quiet, nuanced, philosophical experience. All can have merit and provide enjoyment and I appreciate the work creators put into them.

Over the years, I’ve spent much of my time online discussing this medium. I started out in places like GameFAQS and Gamespy and eventually found my way onto NeoGAF (and much later ResetEra). I frequently created threads and points of discussion surrounding gaming news and games in general until I decided hey, why not join Twitter while I’m at it?

So join Twitter I did. I’m so thankful and humbled that I made many, many friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, from fellow colleagues in the games industry, to journalists to wonderful every day folks. Thank you.

Shinobi Speaks is a side hobby of mine. I created this blog to be able to channel my thoughts about everything that interests me about video games. And hey, if it grows into something more, I’m all for it!

I hope to be discussing and including:

  • What aspects I enjoy about video games
  • My thoughts on upcoming games
  • My feelings on retro/older video games
  • Social issues and lessons within games
  • Interviews with a variety of developers
  • and much more…

As a father and husband working full time, I won’t be able to dedicate 100% of my time to this, but as a passion project, I’ll be sure to do the best I can! Thank you so much for sharing your interest in games with me.

With warm regards,